“(Christopher Marley’s) Biophilia is a stark memo on how little we know of what we claim is our world… It makes us peer into eyes we cannot fathom. One of art’s goals is to shock and awake and Biophilia hits that mark soundly.”

The New York Times

“Nature can seem messy, chaotic, even frightening, but in Christopher Marley’s world, it’s a bounty of usable materials that can be infinitely organized and aestheticized.”

– Slate Magazine

“Even the hard categorizations and taxonomies of a natural history museum don’t hide the beauty of the world but rarely do you get to see those specimens side by side… Marley chooses his juxtapositions carefully to emphasize the full spectrum of color displayed- and replicated -in the natural world. His chosen flora and fauna bring out each others’ best hues.”

– Wired

“While (Christopher Marley’s) work is motivated by aesthetics, many of the artist’s mosaics tell scientific stories, particularly those that include organisms that are genetically related but live in different parts of the world… He painstakingly arranges according to color to highlight their striking visual relationships. “


“Where many of us see something that is ugly, even repulsive, Christopher Marley sees beauty and the raw material for art… The world is rich with all kinds of things that inspire him.”

– CBS Sunday Morning